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If you have followed our suggestion, you now know the story of Maggie and Sims and you have added your name to our petition and you have contacted your representatives in Washington and told them to support H.R. 751 and S. 238 Critical to the success of this campaign is for you to now spread the word! A message has been prepared to make it easy to forward to all your e-mail contacts. If you prefer, you may edit the message before sending. Your help, your voice is critical! The few minutes you spend on this important step will pay huge dividends. Please contact ALL friends, relatives and associates whether next door or across the country! Urge them to follow your example and get involved. We need support generated from every corner of the USA! All The Way!

Copy and Paste the info below and share with others.

——————————————————————————————————————————————- I have an urgent, personal request! LTC (Retired) James “Maggie” Megellas is a 100 year old World War II hero. Many feel he should have been awarded the Medal of Honor, “our nation’s highest military combat award of valor”, over 72 years ago for his ‘above and beyond’ valor and leadership in the Battle of the Bulge. Because of an Army paperwork snafu, the full account of his actions of Jan. 28, 1945 was not reviewed and he subsequently received the Silver Star. This was discovered in 1999 by the person who put him in for the Medal of Honor. Despite that individual’s appeals and verifications, the Army refuses to upgrade Megellas’ medal. Therefore, we must get Congress to act! House and Senate bills have been issued and are currently in subcommittee. On separate occasions, four other heroes are credited for doing what this man did. All four men were deservedly awarded the Medal of Honor! The below website explains the situation and the need to correct this gross injustice to one of America’s most gallant WWII frontline combat leaders.

   Please visit www.medalformaggie.com TODAY!

You and I appreciate and value justice. Our action is urgently needed NOW! Thank You!

All The Way!