LTC (Retired) James “Maggie” Megellas is a 102 year old World War II hero. Many feel he should have been awarded the Medal of Honor, and "our nation’s highest military combat award for valor", 73 years ago for his ‘above and beyond’ valor and leadership in the Battle of the Bulge.


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To award James Megellas the Medal of Honor

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Col. Sims quote:

“The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Tanks and Fighting Vehicles by Christopher F. Foss states the U.S. Army reckoned that it took five (5) U.S. Sherman tanks to knock out one German Mark V Panther tank. I never realized that Megellas was equivalent to five U.S. Sherman tanks.”

   - Col. (Retired) Edward Sims from a 2007 letter to Congressman Tom Petri

“Maggie and Sims at The Bulge – 1945”